Make Your Home Pet-Friendly With These 4 Tips

 More than 90% of people who decide to buy a pet view their animal as a new addition to their family, which is important for their safety, comfort, and so that they feel loved. When you make the decision to buy a dog or a cat you’ll want to make your home as pet-friendly as possible before you bring them into the house. Use these 4 steps to create the perfect place where they can relax and enjoy themselves.


Tip 1: Sleeping Spaces
Creating sleeping spaces is convenient not only for your family but it also shows their pet that they have their own territory in your home. Many pet owners prefer to sleep with their dogs or their cats but at times these can develop behavioural problems in the animal. Instead, get a pet bed and put it in a specific room of the house, whether it’s your room, a common area, or the front hall. This is where your pet will be required to go to bed at the end of the night.


Tip 2: Pet Play Areas


All types of pets love playing around and if you take the time to create a play area in your house, they’ll never get bored or feel under stimulated. If you have cats, consider dedicating an unused closet to building a play area for them. Dogs require a little more space, so you might be required to buy a play pen or a crate though it should be tall enough for the pet to stand up and spacious enough to where they can run around. This is where pet parents can get really creative as you can design relatively anything that you want, even outdoors if you prefer.


Tip 3: Potty Areas
Depending on the type of pet that you have, you might have to create a pet-friendly potty area. Cats, for example, require a litter box and although they may be a member of your family you might not want to display their bathroom to guests. You can create cabinets that have accessible litter boxes for your pet or place it in an area that it easily accessible but not easily seen.


Tip 4: Keeping Your Pet Safe
If have an extremely spacious backyard where you intend on letting your dog or cat roam free, it’s important that you have some type of fence to keep them in the yard so they don’t run off. Some breeds are known to be flight risks so you may even want to consider installing an electric fence that gently zaps your pet when they get too close to their boundaries.



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Make Your Home Pet-Friendly With These 4 Tips