How You Can Mess up the Sale of Your Home

Welcome to the 2nd video in our series – “How you can be messing up the sale of your home”.

Access or the lack of it is an all too common mistake sellers make when selling their home. Not wanting viewings during the week or early evenings or basically restricting times in general could be harming the sale of your home.

Opens (homes) are effective  but nothing beats the one on one relationship your agent can create with the buyer on an appointed viewing time.  Everything they learn about the buyer and their requirements could be an important part of getting you best possible price for your home.

Work with your agent to establish the best times for you. Your agent is a professional and can be trusted to access your home and lock up and secure your property when required. They will remain with the buyer and keep any groups together as they move through your home.

Of course if your agent is insisting on midnight inspections, it’s time to call us here at QMT Realty.

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How You Can Mess up the Sale of Your Home