Help For Tenants - entry notices

Did you know that no notice is required for repairs and maintenance if property is remote and there is a shortage of tradespeople?

In general though, anyone who would like to enter the property needs to supply an entry notice (Form 9).

Time Frames vary depending on the reason for entry:

24 hours for maintenance (smoke alarm, repairs, quoting, suspected abandonment)

24 hours for valuations, show a prospective buyer/tenant

7 days for routine inspections (and not within 3 months of previous entry)

No Notice required for emergency or to protect property from imminent or further damage.

Link to Residential Tenancies Authority website

Download – Form 9 entry notice

Form 9 can be emailed, hand delivered or posted (allow an extra 5 days for postage)

If agreement cannot be reached about entry, the RTA’s free dispute resolution service may be able to help.


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Help For Tenants - entry notices