Find Your Decoration Inspiration For The New Year

 Every home owner has the desire to learn more about interior design and you can truly change the appeal of your home by sticking to different colour schemes in your house. With a simple can of paint you’ll be able to transform the rooms in your house to really make them pop, whether it’s through pastels, monochrome, or spring colours.


The Calming Nature of Pastels

Pastels are a great colour palette to work with as they give you the ability to use a variety of different colours by sticking to the same general scheme so that every room works together. Whether you decide to paint the walls a soft sea foam green or if you introduce a pastel coloured rug, the options are endless. Pastel palettes are also known to help boost productivity, reduce stress, and add great contrast against different types of flooring. They’re also perfect for home owners that want to have a Caribbean feel to their home.


Ultra-Modern Monochrome

 Monochromes are perfect for people who want to have gradient decorations throughout their house. The name itself directly translates to “one colour” meaning that you can create an entire interior design by choosing a single base colour and implanting different shades and tints. Monochrome interior design ideas can range from ombre coloured bedding to having one shade on the walls, one shade for your furniture, and one shade for your flooring. The best part is that you can choose any colour on the spectrum that you want and be able to have several different “similar” colours to work with.


Soothing Spring Colours

Spring colours are fresh, inviting, and comforting which is essential for people who want to have a warm house. When you find a decoration that brings a spring colour into a room, it can add character within a few minutes. The interior design industry loves these palettes this year as it combines classic appeal with chic taste. Instead of relying on grandmother’s 70 year old wallpaper with floral print you can choose a single paint for the walls and then add different textures and patterns to the furniture in the room. For example, choosing a vibrant pink for your child’s bedroom and enhancing it further with floral printed bedding along with white furniture. Spring colours can work with pastels and monochrome palettes as well so you can combine comfort, modern taste, and calming design features.



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Find Your Decoration Inspiration For The New Year