Declutter and Gain Thousands More for Your Home!

If there is only one thing you could do before putting your home on the market, then it is to DECLUTTER!

Hi my name is Pam from QMT REALTY. I would like to talk to you about the ONE thing that you could do to sell your home without costing you any money.

Decluttering and removing unnecessary items from an area or a room, will allow potential buyers to appreciate the size of that space.

Buying is an emotional exercise. If you have stuff everywhere, the buyers will not be able to imagine themselves living there. Heart buyers will pay more than a logical buyer for the same home.

The only space you don’t have to de clutter is the garage! So pack all you unwanted goods in there! A great tip here is to leave your belongings at least half a meter from the garage wall so that when the building and pest inspector comes through, they can check the wall and give a more accurate building and pest report.

A decluttered home allows for a heart buyer who will pay more money for your home!

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Declutter and Gain Thousands More for Your Home!