Bring Good Luck Into Your Home for Lunar New Year

 Luck is something that every household needs throughout the year and with Lunar New Year there are certain superstitions that you can take advantage of that are said to bring the luck into your home. Whether you’re interested in learning about the Chinese culture or if you have just bought a new piece of real estate property and want to make it lucky, consider the following design features that you can implement.


The Beauty of Water Features

Water features are an incredibly useful decoration as they not only represent Lunar New Year but they are also fantastic for real estate purposes. They help to add appeal to your front yard, back yard, or even in your home. In Chinese cultures the presence of flowing water is said to bring money and prosperity, two things that every home owner could use more of. If you’re selling in an area that is quite superstitious, implementing water features could enhance the likelihood of buyers going through with their purchase.


Utilizing Bold Colours

 When it comes to decorating your property, whether just for the holiday or in general, red and gold are two quintessential colours that represent Lunar New Year, which is why you’ll see them used quite often in Oriental homes. You can add red decorations, paint an entire room red, or have gold accents throughout your property. You can also buy an array of decorations just for the holiday that can be placed around the house both inside and outside. Red is said to be a lucky colour and gold is related to the Imperial Service, so it is said to bring happiness and wealth.


Gifts for the Neighbours

 Even if your neighbors don’t celebrate Lunar New Year, gifting them red packets can help to improve your luck and bestow good luck on their lives as well. Not only is red said to be a lucky colour but it is also known to help ward off malevolent spirits. In most cases it is an elder that gives younger generations the packets to give blessings to the children. They are also commonly given out during weddings, at a birth of a baby, or during graduation. Inside of the envelope (or packet) there is some type of monetary gift but the total amount that you give to someone should be an even number, for example $2, $6, $8, etc. though it is tradition to not have the digit “4” in any of the values.

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Bring Good Luck Into Your Home for Lunar New Year