Are Your Pets Stopping You from Moving?

Moving can be tough enough on humans, but it’s even harder on our pets, when they don’t understand why everything in their environment is changing and being moved. Quite often I hear from my clients, that they would have moved earlier, but didn’t know how their pets will adapt. Or the thought of your fur babies being anxious is adding an extra stress to the process, especially when downsizing.

Luckily, there are some great tips available online or at your local vet, that can help with the transition.

What worked great with my two dogs was introducing them to the new property, before we completely moved in. Over a week, we were gradually bringing more boxes, and that let my dogs get to know the new surroundings and new neighbours, and they were excited to come in.

But if you cannot visit the new house before the moving day, a great tip is to stick to the walking and feeding routine as much as possible, and give your pets as much affection as you can. After all, calmer you are, calmer they will be.

So don’t feel like you cannot move because of your pets. Plan ahead and visit your local vet for a professional advice, or feel free to call me at QMT Realty

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Are Your Pets Stopping You from Moving?