6 Ways To Make Your House Child-Friendly

When you have children of your own (or have children regularly visiting your house), you understand that your home isn’t going to be the cleanest it’s ever been, the neatest it’s ever been, or the most “put together” that it’s ever been.

Children are whirlwinds of creativity and activity, and are always looking for something to get into, something to express themselves with, and something to occupy their hungry minds.

If you’d love to be able to foster that creativity and make your house more child friendly than it may already be, here are some tips and tricks to help you do exactly that.

1. Help your kids fall in love with books

Books unlock more creativity and imagination in children than anything else, and helping to foster a love of reading in children is maybe the most important gift that you could ever give them.

Create many libraries in your home that offer children a quiet space for them to read in, loaded with books that will expand their mind while entertaining them every single step of the way.

2. Establish arts and crafts areas (preferably outdoors)

Kids are going to get into paints, crayons, and markers – there’s just no getting around it!

So rather than try and fight this at your house, embrace it by providing an established arts and crafts area in your home for children to go wild. Preferably set this space about sign so that cleanup is a lot easier than it would be on the hardwood floors!

3. Give children a space in the house to let their creativity and imagination go wild

If you really want to create a house that is as child friendly as can be, try to create and dedicate an entire room in the home that offers them unlimited creativity. Fill it with books, activities, games, and toys and make sure that all kinds of music is played whenever they enter.

Spaces for children to just kind of unleash their creativity without limitation allow them to expand their minds and grow their young personalities.

4. Don’t decorate “by the book” but instead with the eyes of a child in mind

You’re going to have to throw out the adult interior designer book when overhauling your house to be child friendly.

Think about how children see the world, and try to capture their attention with glow-in-the-dark stickers, fun and engaging paint schemes, and furniture pieces that may not be quite as luxe as you might like – but ones that are going to be comfortable and kid friendly.

5. Support their creativity by framing their art and putting them on display

Boost creativity and self-esteem in little artists by framing the work that they create and putting them prominently on display.

We all love a gold medal every now and again (especially when it’s given to us by people with respect, love, and appreciate), and even more so when it is given to us for something that we have created ourselves. This will have a positive ripple effect throughout their entire lives!

6. Use blackboard paint to let them drawn walls without getting in trouble!

For a number of different reasons, children just seem to look at the walls as blank canvases.

So if you want to avoid having to use the “magic eraser” on all of your walls, instead choose to paint a room (maybe the creativity room we mentioned above) with blackboard paint so that there are able to draw, doodle, and experiment without destroying all of the other walls in the house.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doodling quite a bit on those walls as well!

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6 Ways To Make Your House Child-Friendly