4 Sweet Treat Ideas for Halloween!

As we get closer and closer to Halloween, the focus on fun and exciting activities to do with kids becomes sharper and sharper.

Sure, we can all do the “tried and true” trick or treat in the neighborhood or around the local shops, but there are a bunch of other creative ideas that you will be able to do with your little ones around Halloween to really get into the swing of the season.

To help jumpstart your creativity, we’ve come up with four sweet treat ideas for Halloween we think you there and the kids) will really love!

Pumpkin carving

It’s tough to beat going to the local pumpkin patch, finding the perfect pumpkin, and then carving a unique design into it to use as a jack-o’-lantern during the Halloween season. There are pumpkin patches all over that sell every shape and size imaginable, and with just a little bit of creativity (and a steady hand) a jack-o’-lantern can be created in a night!

Don’t forget to roast those tasty seeds, even!

Costume making

Sure, modern costumes have gotten better and better (and more expensive along the way), but their thing quite like creating your own costume from scratch with the help of mom and dad.

Whether you’re looking to go with an old classic or put a more contemporary spin on the homemade costume makes little difference. There are all kinds of templates and inspiration guides online to help point you in the right direction for

Cranking out batches of Banana Screamers

Banana Screamers are one of the best “sweet treats” of the season, and some people wait all year (with baited breath) all year round just to get their hands on some.

This is definitely the time of year to indulge a little bit, so go nuts – and make sure that you make another Banana Screamers to share with everyone!

Making “skeleton” boiled eggs

A spin on traditional boiled eggs, this haunted version is a lot of fun for everyone and gives you the opportunity to teach kids about cooking safety as well as how to crank out the perfect batch of boiled eggs along the way!

Of course, if you’re still looking for something to do around Halloween, don’t be shy about visiting Halloween at the Sunny Bank Library or doing a bit of trick-or-treating opposite Kmart. Both of these events are free, and are sure to put a smile on every kid’s face!

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4 Sweet Treat Ideas for Halloween!